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#whysweethearts \\ Emily Guerrero

Emily Guerrero is serving as our active President. Through her time in the organization she has served as Executive Treasurer prior to her current position.

Emily is a senior Political Science major, and is currently studying for her LSAT . After she graduates spring 2023, she plans to continue her education and attend law school to become an attorney!


Aggie Sweethearts is my home. As generic as this response may seem, being in AggieSweethearts has given me authentic relationships that have provided more than just a support system. The moment I became a member in this organization I was welcomed with open arms from girls with the kindest hearts. The women of Aggie Sweethearts are true and fearlessly themselves. I believe this is what makes Aggie Sweethearts special. These women boldly encourage the special interests of others and are elated to see the other achieve greatness. The friendships that I have developed in Aggie Sweethearts have grown into relationships that I know will be endless.
Sweethearts has given me the opportunity to learn and grow into a leader, but to become a better person. I am so excited to come back for my last year and see all these women accomplish greatness. Aggie Sweethearts is for friendships, fun, but most importantly to know that I will never really be alone, I will always have a sweetheart by my side.

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