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#whysweethearts \\ Sierra Mooney

Sierra Mooney is an active member of Aggie Sweethearts. Through her time in the organization she has served on our Recruitment Committee. Her major is Communication with a minor in Sports Management and a certificate in Strategic Communication. She will be graduating with her Bachelors in the Spring of 2022. Her post grad plans are to attend grad school for her masters in Education.


"Aggie Sweethearts caught my attention during my sophomore year of college because it was an organization made up of a diverse group of women that demonstrated support, compassion, service, sisterhood, selflessness, and community. I wanted to surround myself with these qualities as well as begin to demonstrate them myself!"
"I have made a variety of connections with alumni of the organization and even colleges from outside organizations that Sweethearts have collaborated with in different events. Sweethearts has given me close relationships that motivate me to exemplify selflessness, service, integrity, and compassion in all that I do. "

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